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We are home extension rewire specialists

Whether you are converting your loft to turn it into an extra bedroom, adding a conservatory onto your kitchen or even building a whole series of new rooms, it’s vitally important to consider the electrics and lighting you will need in your new space.

We offer professional and reliable expertise in all areas of extension electrics, so get in touch today!

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Your new extension electrics

No matter how big or small your new extension you’ll be needing an electrical supply there, even if it is just for light. If it is an extension with a number of different rooms, you are going to need a new electrical system added to supply all the power you might need for lights, cookers, televisions or computers.

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Why use a professional electrician for your extension rewire?

While many people think that a DIY approach may help them save money, this is not a job for amateurs.

With every household using more power than ever, badly installed extension electrics can be dangerous and put people at the potential risk of unexpected power loss, electric shocks or even fire in the most extreme cases.

Contact us NOW to discuss your home extension rewire requirements and how we can help.

Since 2005, it is become UK law that when homeowners are making electrical improvements or installing a new electrical system that the wiring meets the Part P Electrical Safety regulations. Even the simplest of electrical jobs now needs to be done by a professional and this is where Bolt Smart Homes can help.

Once you’re happy with the layout, we visit you for a site inspection and advise you on the best way to get power into your new space. We factor in the number of rooms, sockets and light outlet requirements, TV and telephone points, cookers, electric underfloor heating and any renewable energy systems. We stay in touch with you throughout the process of adding your new electrics. We can set up the wires, the lighting system, the switches, the cables from the main circuit box and everything in between. When we’ve finished we provide you will full paperwork stating that your home meets all the current electrical safety regulations for your records.