External Power & Garden Lighting

Looking for a Garden Lighting Specialist in Manchester & Cheshire

Let us supply and install your bespoke Garden Lighting

We work with you to design the best garden lighting for your home – with both aesthetics and security in mind.

We install lighting and power into existing gardens as well as a newly landscaped ones.

We can design your lighting from a plan (if it’s under construction by landscapers) and we can work efficiently alongside landscapers to create an outstanding night scape in your garden.

We have access to a range of garden lights and work with you to get the right lighting products to suit your requirements.

Smart Home Outdoor Lighting Design Cheshire and Manchester

Security Lighting

Good external lighting is a must for any property – it’s a great deterrent for protecting your property.

As well as great security lighting it’s also very practical around the outside of your home.

Halogen 500w flood lights are a thing of the past, we use 10/20/30/50w lLED Floodlights which provide a very high lumen output and light colour choice. We wire our security lights so that you an override them via a switch, enabling you to choose whether they are in PIR sensor mode or continually on, without the sensor causing the light to turn on/off.

Looking for a Garden Lighting Specialist in Altrincham

Bolt offer a range of electrical services in Greater Manchester and Cheshire to bring power to your garden, driveway and the outside of your property. We can help with everything from outside including electrics, garden lighting and CCTV.

  • Supply Electric to Outbuildings, Sheds, Home Office, Garages
  • Garden Sockets for Hedge Cutters, Lawnmowers
  • Garden Lighting, Decking Lights, Pillar Lights, Brick Lights
  • Patio and Driveway Lighting
  • Electric Gates and Electric Gate Automation
  • Outdoor Garden Hot tubs or Jacuzzis
  • Garden Saunas and Log Cabins
  • Burglar Alarms

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Switching and powering your garden lights

We regularly use remote control systems, which means you, can have the option of separate switching areas within your garden for garden lights and security lights, without the need for us to run cabling to switches inside your house.

Other methods of controlling your external lighting would be via timers; photocells or standard wall switches, all of which we can supply and fit for you.

Most commonly the power supply comes directly from the consumer unit, any external power you may already have or garage power. We assess how to access the most practical place to extract power from during a site visit.